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  • 4 Player Records proudly presents: A tribute to the cassette drum sample series (by Bedroom Producer Blog) - a collection of seven tracks produced by well known and established Electro artists from all over the world using the tape processed samples as a basis for their creative productions.

    4 Player Records
  • 'Pay for It' is an electro track but also with a breakbeat vibe - showing Nessbeths love for both genres. A nasty bass accompanied by harmonic sweet synth lines and an infectious vocal are the main ingredients to make this track a dancefloor mover.

    4 Player Records
  • After several releases, remixes and tracks for compilations (Tropical Underground, Battery Park Studio, Elektrodos, Urban Connections, Crobot Muzik), Nessbeth reactivates the 4 Player Label with this new release.

    "Body Shapes" carefully balances between Electro and Techno beats with catchy vocals and a pulsating bassline, keeping dancefloors busy.

    Robertiano Filigrano from Germany, who has released on labels like Kobayashi Recordings, Elektrodos, Dancefloor Killers and his own imprint Filigrano Recordings, deliveres a fine remix for this release. Robertiano takes it straight into the Electro direction with catchy arpeggiated synth leads and a groovy bassline - sticking in peoples heads for sure.

  • Together with Cybereign I did the track 'Lost Connection' which he released on Elektrodos Recordings as collaboration album with a lot of other outstanding electro producers.

    The whole list of artists involved in this project: Alavux, Dark Vektor, Fleck E.S.C., Nessbeth, Paracas Topara, Pl_anet, Robertiano Filigrano, TECHcontrol, Amper Clap, Nexus 23

  • On August the 8th the new Urban Connections compilations will be released. Its the 8th edition and its called "THE EIGHTH PASSENGER" including tracks by:
    Carlos Sickrock, Cybereign, Datawave, David Boura, David Pasajero, Dj Pink Champagne, Dr. Floyd, Holon, | 0 00 1, Kitty von Maisen, Laka942, Myistic Attack, Nanomachine, Negocious Man, Nessbeth, Rise Black, Order of the Muffin, Techcontrol, Zeitmodelle

  • Tropical Underground starts off in 2017 with a bang! BERLINer Nessbeth delivers a blend of his main music influences: electro, breaks, acid... the full package! Release date: March 1st 2017.

    Here are some shop links: Apple iTunes


  • Originally appeared on Urban Connections: Fifth Element, but I made a mistake while bouncing the track after mixing it - so here is a remastered version.

    Its free, but you can also pay what you want...

  • Elektrodos show of the 22nd August 2016, dedicated to new electro songs from producers such as Identity Unknown, M3tan01a and Order of the Muffin, Sematic4, Cybereign, Komarken Electronics, Mike Ash and Nessbeth.

    With DJ Set from Nessbeth

    Elektrodos @Soundcloud
  • Release date: 2016-06-06

    Crobot Muzik


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Nessbeth has started to DJ back in 1996. From 1996 on he has produced his own tracks and has played HipHop, Electro, Ghettotech and other kinds of electronic music. His first release was a remix for "Nagen&Saugen" on the German Technolabel "Hørspielmusik" followed by other remixes and tracks. Nessbeth is also partner of the label 4 Player Records. His releases can be found on 4 Player Records or on any other major download store. For booking or other inquiries please go contact.


Electrodos Recordings
E2REC005 - Cybereign - Cybereign presents: Mutation Translation
Battery Park
BTRY049 - Cybereign - Dangerous Mind (Nessbeth Remix)
Crobots Muzik
Dalekovod V.5 (Compilation)
Dalekovod V.6 - Crobotz vs. Cancer (Compilation)
Urban Connections
Urban Connections Eighth Passenger (Compilation)
Urban Connections Fifth Element (Compilation)
Urban Connections Part III (Compilation)
4 Player Records
4P001 - 4 Players E.P.
4P002 - Two's Up
4P003 - Triple Play
4P004 - 4th Installment
4P005 - Berlin Tracks E.P.
4P006 - Warmup for 2010
4P007 - The Change
4P008 - Black Hole Berlin
4P009 - Body Shapes
4P010 - Pay for It
4P011 - 808 on Tape
Databass Records
DB077 - Mister Ries - Kind Hot (Nessbeth Remix)

Spanking Records

Spank001 - Spanking Sessions: The Whip


Nagen&Saugen - Deep Throat (Nessbeth Remix)


5 Elements Gallery/Movement After Party - Detroit (USA), Silo - Leuven (Belgium), Le Tryptique - Paris (France), X-Side - Dresden (Germany), Decadance - Ghent (Belgium), Trolleybus - Marseille (France), The Zoo - Hasselt (Belgium), Yellow - Goslar (Germany), Legazon Open Air - Brussels (Belgium), Casino - Ghent (Belgium), Eschschloraque - Berlin (Germany), Club Concordia - Rotselaar (Belgium), Club 8. Mai Chemnitz (Germany), Ton Aus Strom - Halle - (Germany), Camouflage - Cologne (Germany), Medussa - London (UK), Rumba - Leuven (Belgium), Rector - Ghent (Belgium)...and many more

Appearance in radio shows

La Boum Deluxe - FM 4 (Austria) - Cosmium Radio Stuttgart (Germany) - Rave Satellite - Radio Fritz (Germany) - Switch - Studio Brussels (Belgium) - MDR - Sputnik (Germany) - HipHop Soundgarden - Radio Fritz (Germany)